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Moxibustion is the practice of burning a herb on or close to the body in order to generate specific therapeutic effects. The herb that is used is Artemesia Vulgaris, commonly known as Mugwort. The leaves of the mugwort plant are dried and refined to remove the rough stems and the resulting compound, which is known as moxa or moxa punk, has a soft and fluffy consistency which is readily moulded and burns smoothly.


Pulse Diagnosis

The art of reading the pulses is the central diagnostic technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in many ways shapes the whole character of Oriental Medicine practice. Pulse Diagnosis is not easy to perfect, but the student is highly encouraged to make a start; it is easy learn fundamental aspects of Pulse Diagnosis which will give you significant clinical information. This brief article highlights the essentials of Pulse Diagnosis, plenty enough to get a curious person started. Even if you spend a year, without further guidance or study, just checking the pulses of everyone you can, your observation and instincts will lead you to discern a variety of patterns.


The Bare Bones of Oriental Medicine

Written in clear language, this is 40 pages of everything you always wanted to know about Chinese Medicine theory. An excellent guide for students and the inquisitive patient.

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The Extraordinary Channels

This 28 page academic paper by Damian Carey describes a protocol for a psycho-emotional application of extraordinary channel treatment with acupuncture.

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