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Body Mechanics and Fine Tuning

The Holographic model of reality suggests that every small part of the physical universe reflects and connects with the greater whole. If this is so then our bodies are a vast storehouse of information. This is a 2 page exploration of the wonders of the human body and the need to maintain it.


Massage as Natural Therapy

When we first approach massage as an activity the emphasis in on relaxation. People generally carry an enormous burden of tension, worry and tiredness, not to mention fear and confusion. It is appropriate such a person to learn to relax, to re-connect with a feeling of calm in the body.


Mechanical and Emotional Aspects of Tension

(adapted from lecture notes for Massage Therapy students)

Contractibility is one of the natural functions of muscle tissue. Individual muscle fibres are designed to contract, causing the entire muscle to tense. Without this tension there could be no activity, no movement of the joints and limbs. The problem arises when the muscle fibres fail to relax again, resulting in a pattern of excess tension.


Osteopathy and Neuromuscular Technique

The practice of Osteopathy is designed to locate and correct structural imbalances and to restore normal function. It is a wholistic system which acknowledges the body's self-regulatory and self-healing ability. It places a great deal of emphasis on body mechanics and extensive use is made of manipulative techniques to mobilize joints and restore proper structural integrity. However it should be made clear that Osteopathy is not just a bone cracking exercise; the condition of the soft tissues is considered to be of prime importance.


Perspectives on Massage

In ancient Greece, mornings began with a body care session involving bathing, exercising and vigorous rubdowns with oil. These rubdowns were designed to awaken the nerves, stimulate the circulation, free the action of the joints and keep the skin supple and elastic all day long. They were also used to increase endurance, promote vitality and control fatigue. While the theory and practice are a little more refined these days, in essence they have not changed and more and more people are rediscovering the benefits of massage.


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