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Bodhicitta - The Practice of Loving Kindness

This is a talk given by Lama Thubten Yeshe, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, in Australia in 1975. Lama Yeshe inspired thousands of people with his practical wisdom and happy spirit.

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Psychological Correspondences of the Five Phases

phaseschartThis is an A3 size poster showing both the 'Harmonious' and the 'Disharmonious' psychological states that correspond to the Five Phases and the Five Organ Systems of Chinese Medicine. The poster is a great aid in the clinic. It gives important insights into the way the mind works and will open up many a conversation. It shows how negative mind states coincide with disease states and, correspondingly, shows the ideal psychological states to cultivate in order to improve your disease.

If you would like a copy of this poster at a cost of $20.00 (including postage), please phone us, arrange payment, and we will send you a copy.



Oriental Medicine and Psychotherapy

Chinese Medicine does not distinguish between body, mind and spirit but rather, these are seen as aspects of an interconnected whole. This is a 17 page academic paper which discusses the psychological correspondences of the Chinese Medicine organ system.

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Practical Psychotherapy

This is an extract from the full paper 'Oriental Medicine and Psychotherapy'. From the perspective of the Five Phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it describes the wholesome attitudes you can adopt in response to patterns of psychological disharmony. Practice these in front of the mirror (go on ... I dare you!) and you will ensure that all facets of your psyche are functioning optimally and co-operatively.