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Counselling Canberra Natural Therapy Canberra Counselling Services Canberra Psychotherapy CanberraDeborah and I have had decades of experience, and extensive training, in human psychology. As professional therapists, it is essential to be responsive to a person's emotional stresses. This will often involve just listening, just lending a sympathetic ear and acknowledging a person's experience. In other instances it will mean coming up with practical solutions or exploring alternative perspectives.

Deborah and I draw on years of personal development training, Buddhist psychology and Buddhist meditation practices. 

Deborah is also a Radix Psychotherapist. A combination of movement, bodywork and breath, Radix is a powerful personal development process or body-centred psychotherapy, which promotes change, growth and healing. Radix practitioners work with the body, mind and pulsation to free old emotional habits, loosen somatic blockages & liberate vitality. The participant is empowered to engage in life more fully.

In addition we practice in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with all of its profound insights into the nature of the human being. TCM does not distinguish between body, mind and spirit but rather, these are seen as aspects of an interconnected whole. TCM describes a functional/energetic system of anatomy with the human body operating under the guidance of a network of interrelated Organ Systems, each of which is associated with a particular primary psychological state. So in terms of acupuncture treatment, there is a distinct connection between physiological and psychotherapeutic healing.

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